When Life Hands You Crap, Flush It

Just to be clear, when you stop growing and learning you are dead. Let’s face it, it is at times, unbelievably painful to learn some of the things we learn in life. Without the clarity of where we are headed or more specifically why we are here, experiencing this kind of pain, it seems almost tortuous. With a level of understanding allowing yourself to feel whatever it is, and learn from it, this will allow for the greatest growth.

Although as a Hypnotherapist I help people put their setbacks and limiting beliefs in perspective. I, too, am a work in progress.
Recently I had been presented with some issues that clearly needed to be dealt with, that undoubtedly arose from my past. It would be a person from my childhood, specifically, a family member. This persons words seemed to continue to hold me back, though I was unaware until situations arose and stared me in the face. I was certain this issue was dead and buried. I was wrong.

A colleague did a hypnosis session on me, and although a level of painful emotion was felt, the severity was not there. Because of the nature of hypnosis, I was able to remain somewhat distanced from the emotion. We continued on with the session and it was time to near the end. I remember my colleague asking me “What do you now think of the words that person spoke to you?”

I replied “They were crap.” She then asked ” So what are you going to do with that crap?” To which I replied “Flush It!”
She gave me a few moments to do in my mind what I needed to do in order to break free of the chains. Well, let me tell you, that’s when the fun began. I have an incredibly creative mind and boy did it play. I instantly got a vision of this person with a ‘Stretch Armstrong’ body, and a face that looked like the mask on ‘Scream.’

This person was in the toilet with their arms and legs stretched out as long as they could stretch and the face was really long and disfigured. As the lips were moving and those old words were coming out of the mouth, the toilet flushed. Around and around and around the bowl they went along with those self limiting words. It was the absolute funniest thing ever!

I burst out in uncontrollable laughter. So much knee slapping laughter, my eyes welled up with tears, and I could not stop. My colleague could not contain herself any longer and I could hear her laughing too. Eventually I stopped laughing and the session ended. My belly hurt but it was great. My issue was resolved. It was fun.

If necessary, try this yourself, it works. Have fun with it. So much is healed through laughter, why not let it be you.
Please comment below with your successes… I would love to hear your stories.